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Welcome to Sahara Games

Sahara Game is your total Game & Lottery solution partner, whether providing our stand-alone game suite extending a number of Lottery games to your customer or your integration partner branding and extending your games to your customers. Our platform focuses on all devices, allowing you to focus on content via online or social channels. As the industry pioneers in Gaming we created this ever expanding niche market, and maintain our leadership role in this technology.

We offer a fully certified casino suite serving up all of the most popular games and through our exclusive partnership arrangements bring you games and titles unavailable with any other game provider. Our product suite includes a large selection of casino games ranging from the widest array of table games, to a large selection of video poker or slot games. Our platform easily and efficiently serves up bingo and poker games tapped into the liquidity of your online solution. Progressives, bonuses, refer-a-friend and full cashier functionality is what makes our ubiquitous platform the only true extension to the online world. For information on a proven solution contact us at

Our Games

We specialize in designing and developing games optimized for any device from PC to smartphone. Imagine a single platform more than capable of delivering the full range from stand-alone games like blackjack or slots to massively multi-player games like bingo or poker. ONE solution delivering a consistent look and feel, supporting all device types with the same high resolution animation and sound across all games and verticals.

Game Platform Features:

✓ Fully certified games and RNG
✓ Customize Wagering Parameters for Each Game
✓ Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Support
✓ Customized Branding for Table Games and Slots
✓ Real-time Progressive Jackpots
✓ Complete Audit Logs for All Transactions
✓ Plug-in Third Party Games or Products
✓ A Fully Scalable and Fault Tolerant Mobile Platform

Sahara Game Technology is the world first Plug & Play casino that enables gaming operators to quickly deliver the most compelling suite of casino games to its customers indifferent of the device.

Fully open gaming platform- capable of supporting the operator’s existing casino games, sportbooks, bingo, and poker products.

Within days the casino platform can be integrated to an operator’s existing player system, including full cashier and player registration functionality.

We offer a compelling suite of the world’s most popular casino games, including exclusive branded table games direct from the floors of Vegas.

Blackjack & Side Bets Blackjack


Baccarat & Roulette

A few of our most popular video poker games.

Sahara Game Technology Gaming Platform is simply the most open gaming platform available on the market today with the fastest growing portfolio of quality content. Having partnered with some of the most recognized gaming content providers in both the online and land based sectors, we provide the most diverse range of games available. Through our content partners coupled with our own unique content, no other platform offers such wide selection for the operator. All optimized for mobile devices.

Sahara Game Technology’s catalogue of games means that operators choose their own mix of content to appeal directly to their individual customer base allowing complete control for a targeted offering. Our content is continually being refreshed with not only new titles and games but with the latest techniques and features to ensure the offering remains fresh and the leader in the industry.

Our Services

Our suite of casino games are as close to plug and play as it can get. We support multiple games across multiple brands, up and running in less than a week. A onetime integration with our platform and you will have access to all of our games compatible with thousands of devices on hundreds of networks in any country. Our systems produce extensive audit logs which can be downloaded and reviewed and analyzed at your leisure. We record, at a micro level, all activities to manage session interruptions and recovery processes guaranteeing the integrity and game state at all times.

Games Development Services

SGT offers porting of your existing online games on the Mobile & Tablet platform. Our Game Development Solutions enable us to build games immediately compatible with 1500+ handsets and tablets that run efficiently on platforms such as Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android, Blackberry, Microsoft, & Java & tablets – Running on over 600 network carriers anywhere in the world. We have designed and developed our own game API to act as a single interface, giving our clients the ability to continue to extend content endlessly. So if what you are looking for is not in our catalogue or one of our top-tier content providers doesn’t have it, we can easily build to your exact specifications.

The Process

The content, game logic and RNG are hosted on our secure and regulated platform. Your customer balances and account information remain securely hosted on your existing platform, and your platform authorizes all transactions. This allows the service to continue to be operated under your gaming licence and increases your confidence as we do not record or require you to pass us confidential customer data.

The optimal integration method is via a web services API with minimal transactional functions: session validation; retrieve customer balance; place bet; update bet; close bet. We can also easily provide a mobile compatible cashier, to provide full player functionality. Once you provide us with your API and a test platform, our team of integration experts can often complete the basic integration in less than a week. User acceptance testing is a shared effort where we ensure you are entirely confident with the solution prior to releasing it into production.

Each transaction has a unique reference ID and your customer service team has secure access to our web based Customer Service tools and information to assist in resolving and disputes. As the recognized experts in the mobile space, we remain focussed in this area. This allows you to extend the benefits of our world class solution to your customers, confident in the knowledge we will remain your partner and not your competitor. For your customers, it’s a seamless experience transitioning from their phones to their PC’s.

The Solution

If you are a gaming operator, Sahara Game Technology can help you vastly accelerate your time to market in providing a gaming offering with a vivid and graphically rich solution, remotely hosted at our secure facility dedicated to running our mobile platform.

For your customers, it’s a seamless experience from phones to PC’s. From your mobile site, they will be able access and play dozens of games just as they would any other part of your service, accessing the same wallet and using the same login credentials. You’ll still be able to give them the same level of support, use your global social responsibility and risk management processes, and be confident in the reliability and integrity of the content we offer. Once integration is complete, populate your site with your choice of games whether casino, slots or bingo from our ever expanding catalogue of games compatible with thousands of devices on hundreds of the globe’s major network providers. Customise wagering parameters for each game, as well as much of the look-and-feel to give the service a distinctive identity.

As our partner you will have on-going access to our ever-expanding portfolio of new products as they are released, and we will involve you in our process for selecting and developing games on our roadmap. Unlike other providers we maintain compatibility for all the games – new and old – on the widest range of mobile devices in the market at no cost to you.

Extend Your Games
Custom User Experience
Support More Languages
Fully Customizable
Flexible Pricing
24/7 Support
Full Hosting Solutions


The greatest strength of the mobile channel is that it’s personal and portable allowing users to access your offering at their convenience without compromising presentations, graphics, security, speed, and reliability. Give your clients another reason to stay with your brand by delivering graphically rich, animated, and secure real time access to your product offering.

About Us

Sahara Game Technology is a turnkey game solution provider focused exclusively on the African market. Founded by the team that pioneered mobile gaming to the world, they have now turned their attention to the African market bringing together all aspects of the solution into a single gaming and sports wagering platform.

When we say turnkey, we mean a complete solution. We not only have a wide section of online games, sports, and lottery products: We have off the shelf brands available immediately allowing clients to be operating in a matter of days. Our expertise includes banking and payment processing, hosting and technical support, affiliate management, custom site development with integrated SMS marketing and reporting along with employing advanced SEO techniques. Truly end to end.

The team and software we have assembled is world class, something the emerging African market is desperate for. Our Experience is the key to Your Success.